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UKCMB launches a public report on mould testing and benchmarking

9 February 2018

UKCMB are pleased to report the conclusions to its extensive research into mould testing methods and possible benchmarking for mould levels in rooms.


This is a highly sensitive and somewhat controversial area of research, which makes robust and dis-interested work in this area particularly important.

The number of rooms tested in this study provides a substantial data set from which we have been able to draw the provisional conclusions outlined in this report and opens the field for further work to both test and expand the hypothesis here presented.

This is potentially a ground breaking moment in this complex field of study, which could start to provide important evidence for the assessment of mould levels and risk, the impact of building condition and context, and the need for specific actions on the part of building users, contractors and designers. With further research and validation, it could be a key part of a fuller assessment of the moisture condition of buildings and of the risks to occupant health and fabric.