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Neil May's White Paper on moisture mentioned in the long-awaited Bonfield Review

26 January 2017

The Government’s long-awaited review into energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in homes (Bonefield review) makes reference to  Neil  May’s (Managing Director of UKCMB) White Paper on ‘Moisture in Buildings: an integrated approach to risk assessment and guidance’.

moisture in homes

The Bonfield Review gave key recommendations on how consumers can be properly protected and advised when installing energy efficient and renewable energy measures in their homes, including the management of moisture.

The BSI White Paper written by UKCMB’s Neil May is mentioned as one of the first steps towards the implementation of the Bonefield Review recommendations. The white paper advocates a new principles-based approach for moisture risk assessment. It also contributes to the raising of  awareness of the risks associated with moisture in buildings following the installation of solid wall insulation. The White Paper will be published shortly.

Read the full review here: ‘Each Home Counts: An independent review of consumer advice, protection, standards and enforcement for energy efficiency and renewable energy’.