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Problems resulting from absent insulation

24 May 2018

UKCMB member, Tony Cowling publishes feature artcile in Greener Building magazine.

The detail of the study shows how dependent moisture safety is on good quality construction and the coherence of the insulating envelope. We welcome write-ups of members’ work on moisture and buildings and hope to provide a place where contractors and consultants can show case their work as well as bringing new insights into this subject area. Academic research can also feature of course, but it is of a different type and is usually more formal. All of this will eventually be brought into a library of resources freely available to members. We will also attempt to provide some control of quality and general comments on the pieces, particularly those that are more controversial. We have made a start on a major literature review of relevant articles and papers, but require more resources to complete this work. If anyone or organisation is able to help with this project, please do get in touch with UKCMB management.

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